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The Temple of the Divine Ms. M

Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew

Kate Lovers
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Welcome! This community is for fans, admirers, lovers, devotees, and accolytes of Kate Mulgrew, in all her many incarnations.

Whether you love Mary Ryan, Dr. Joanne Springsteen, Kathryn Janeway, or any Mulgrew character in between--and especially if you love The Great Kate herself--this is the community for you.

This community is not here for advertising. Do not join this community just to promote yours. From this date (Nov. 11 2005), posts that only promote other communities, advertise merchandise, etc., will be deleted immediately. Repeat offenders may be removed from the community at the moderator's discretion. If you are an active, contributing member of katemulgrew, you may tell us about other communities but only behind a cut-tag that explicitly warns readers of what lies behind it. The cut-tag MAY NOT include specific information about the community, merchandise, etc.-Don't try to find a loophole. Posts that do not employ cut-tags as directed may be deleted if not corrected.

However, if your community does not welcome everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation--if it, for example, excludes fans of same-sex pairings--we don't want to hear about it. Don't even mention it. Posts referring to such communities will be deleted immediately, even if they are on-topic posts from active, contributing members. If you are uncertain about a community, you may contact me before posting at darkling_thrush @ livejournal.com Repeat offenders may be removed from the community at the moderator's discretion.

This community will not tolerate prejudice of any kind.
Kate Mulgrew will soon appear as Laura Keane in Charles Busch's Our Leading Lady at the Manhattan Theater Club in New York. Previews begin February 22 and the play is scheduled to run through April 29. Kate will also play Helen Donnelly in NBC's The Black Donnellys, scheduled to premiere on March 5.

Kate is a national spokesperson for the The National Alzheimer's Association, to which she gives her time and effort to help raise money for the search for a cure. If you would like to make a donation in Kate's honor, or in memory of her mother Joan Mulgrew, you may do so online by following the above link. If you would prefer, you may also donate to the Cleveland chapter: Cleveland Alzheimer's Association

TotallyKate is the only site (or ANYthing) officially recognized by Kate Mulgrew. It's a must for Kate fans, with tons of information and pictures, the latest Letter from Kate, and the Latest News about Kate.

Bring Tea at Five to Europe! This is fan-run site created out of the desire to get our favorite actress across the pond with her one-woman play.

Kate Mulgrew on eBay

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